Video (for product info)

Video can be very usefull as a means to entice peope and to put your products on display and show their qualities. 

Video on the homepage

 There's 2 options to use video on the homepage:

  • Video as foreground
  • Video as background
Video on the foreground:

Meant to show specific product information via video. You can choose between YouTube and Vimeo. Just enter the video ID and it will show the video. For Youtube, enter the ID (a combination of 11 characters and numbers); for Vimeo, use the video ID that exists of just numbers (like "148827790").

Note: if you enter both Youtube and Vimeo video ID's, the Youtube video will be shown.  

Video on the background:

This is meant for videos that act like background atmosphere. Thsi gives you the optoion to shown tetx on top of then video, and even e a "buy" button that will add the main (=first) featured product to the cart.

Make sure this background video is not too distracting from the content thas is on top.

Video on the product detail page (PDP): 

Size can be set to:

  • small
  • medium
  • large (90% width, to maximum of 1200px)
  • full

Be aware that playing video on mobiel devices should be carefully considered, as this can take up a lot of mobile data.

Gets a border in the same color as overlay color, which can be set for video (tem setting).

Settings for:

  • overlay color
  • overlay opacity