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Theme "Berlin"

logo lightspeed redblack w200px"Berlin" is a fully 'responsive' theme, especially designed for the Lightspeed eCom platform. It aimes at fashion & lifestyle webshops, but can also easily be used for customer electronic shops, or shops on interiour decoration. With its open, spacious design and many theme settings (more than 300) it can be customized to a maximum degree.

The most important features of this theme are:

  • "full responsive": the website adjusts seamlessly to the dimensions of the screen (desktop, tablet, smartphone).
  • optimal user experience through bigger product images, "quick shop" function and a clean layout.
  • retina-ready: this theme is suited for high resolution "retina" screens.
  • many more settings so you can "brand" your webshop for the best possible brand experience.
  • a "quick shop"-option (a compact product view in an "overlay" window, with add-to-cart button or option to continue shopping (preset: turn on/off), combined with:
  • "Ajax"-cart: when placing an order, the visitor stays on the page and can choose whether to continue shopping, or to proceed to checkout.   
  • "sticky menu": top bar (header) with main menu stays in view (preset: turn on/off);
  • choice of 3 or 4 columns layout on category/collection (product overview) pages;
  • headlines (homepage) with multiple layout options (and with/without carousel/slideshow)

More information on the "Berlin" features can be found here.

By default theme preset "Default" is installed.

Live demos for the theme presets:

scrnshot fe berlin vars
All 4 theme presets for "Berlin": "Default, "Minimal", "Streetwise" and "Home"