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Navigation menus

Theme "Berlin" has 2 adjustable navigation menus, and 1 fixed "top menu" (customer menu, top right corner). The 2 adjustable navigation menus are  the (horizontal) main menu (header), and the vertical product category menu in the sidebar column. Besides these 2 product category menus, there is a third, fixed "top menu", at the top of all pages (Contact/Login/Register). This top menu contains links regarding customer account management (log & register), and besides that also a fixed link to the contact page, to make sure that users easily have access to your company contact information page.

Main menu (primary navigation)

The horizontal main menu shows 2 sublevels at most. This is done to keep the main menu usable, without too many fly-out levels. If your product catalog consists of more than 2 sublevels, these will be shown in the sidebar secundary category menu (on the category pages). (Note: If you want to show more levels, we can always customze this for you, please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The main menu is built up as follows:

  • home
  • categories (main level, with maximum 2 sublevels as fly-out menu)
  • textpages (if set)
  • brands (if set)
  • blog (indien ingesteld)

The main categories that you set up in the Lightspeed eCom back office are being used in the main menu; the subcategories that you defined, are being shown as fly-out menu; in that case, the main level menu items will be marked with a small arrow. For further assistance on how to configure the main navigation, see these pages from the Lightspeed eCom user manual. For setting up subcategories see this Lightspeed eCom webpage.

Extend the main menu with items "Blog" and/of "Brands"

If desired, you can extend the main menu with the buttons "Blog" (or the custom name you cab give to this "blog"-item), and/or "Brands". In this way you can lead visitors easily to these pages.

The settings to extend the main menu in the back office (switch on/off):

02d bo headernav brandsBy checking the options you can choose which items to add to the main menu.

Settings for look-and-feel main menu:

CHOOSE: General > Design > Settings

Under 02d. HEADER: Navigation you will find the settings for colors, typeface, font size etc. for the main menu ("Main Nav").

02d bo headernav settings The color and typography settings for the horizontal main menu (primary navigation).

Product category menu (secundary navigation, sidebar)

On the product category pages and product detail pages, a sidebar menu (column left or right, dependant on your choice) is shown that is bulld up the same way as the main menu, i.e. on the basis of product categories that you configured in the back office. If you set up subcategories, these will all be shown automatically as submenu items. Via a back office preset you can choose if you want the main level elements to be folded in (default), or show all sub level items initially (and thus show all sub categories).

You can show a maximum of 3 sublevels within a main level item.

Settings sidebar menu

Under 07a. SIDEBAR: Settings you can configure how to show (or hide) the "sidebar category menu"

07a bo showcatmenu

Under 07b. SIDEBAR: Look & Feel you can adjust the colors etc. for the "sidebar category menu".
07b bo sidebar settings
The color settings for the vertical category menu (sidebar).

Show number of items per product category

By default the numbers of items within a category will be shown in the sidebar category menu; if you wish to hide these numbers, de-activate then this setting Show Category Quantities, as shown below:

07a bo showcatmenu quantity
De-activate this option to hide the number of products per category in the sidebar category menu.

Top menu (tertiary navigation) and "customer menus" (language & currency menus)

The top menu, at the top of all pages on the right side) contains 3 items: 2 of them link to the webpages for "Contact" and "Register", the 3rd link opens a window to login directly (for registered customers). This top menu is a fixed menu and cannot be configured through the back office.

fe topmenuThe fixed "top menu".

If you wish your top menu to be configured alternately, please contact us for furter assistance, we'd be glad to help you out. Mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Customer menu's (language and currency choice)

In the same row, left above, are also the "cutomer menu's". You will find the settings under the headline 02b. HEADER: Look & Feel. These menu's are built automatically out of the settings for language and currency from the webshop.

Optie "Show Customer Menu on scroll down"

With this option you can decide if the upper row with "topmenu" (including the customer menu" for language and currency choice) will be hidden as soon as the visitor scroll down. If this option is not checked, these menu's will stay on screen. Only the header with USP's will dissapear on scroll.