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Layout and Bootstrap

"Berlin" is built on "Bootstrap 3". This is a so-called framework, developed by Twitter, which is used world-wide by many companies to build solid modern websites upon; "Responsive", and mobile-friendly, Bootstrap makes it possible to develop websites (and webshops) relatively quick on the basis of a system that has been tested and used extensively over the years, and world-wide. There's a lot of experience and knowledge invested into it. That's why we also chose to use this framework. 

Changing the layout

On several aspects you can alter the layout of the different webshop pages:

  • place the "sidebar" column left or right (or hide altogether)
  • show/hide page elements such as brand slider and social media widgets (footer)
  • change the number of columns on the category pages (3 or 4 columns)

Specifically on the homepage you can show or hide the "headlines" and change the layout) and you can choose the location of the homepage text; more on that can be found on the page "homepage layout".

Layout category page (product overview page) and product detail page

These are the pages with product overviews, for example of a specific category or (filtered) collection, and the product detail page. By default these pages have a sidebar with the category menu, the filter options etc. The sidebar can be placed on the right side, or be hidden altogether. We wouldn't recommend that if you have a multi-level product category catalog, because the sidebar menu shows all levels categories, the main menu only maximum 2 sublevels.

Also the brand slider on the bottom of the pages can be hidden by changing the preset. See under 04a. FOOTER: Settings.

Setting for product view pages (category pages): 3 or 4 columns

The category pages can show the product overviews in a grid of 3 or 4 columns. This setting can be found under Design > Settings, heading "06a. PAGE TYPE: Catalog & Collection Page".

This layout setting only goes for bigger displays; as a fully responsive theme, the layout will adapt itself automatically to the size of the display that is being used, and on small devices the number of columns will diminish because of this. This is way the 3 or 4 columns preset will only apply to larger displays.

Adjusting the column settings for the page layout

Under 06a. PAGE TYPE: Catalog & Collection Page you can set the number of columns.

06a layout columnsettings
In this section (under 06A) you'll find the setting for changing the number of columns (in grid layout) for product category pages and product detail pages.