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homepage layout

The homepage is build up from the following elements (which can be customized):

  • headlines (as carousel, or with 1 big "hero image"; with or without the smaller right side "headline banners");
  • homepage text;
  • featured categories;
  • product blocks (on desktops and tablets as carousel): "Featured products", "Newest products", "Popular products";
  • "main banners" (also called "stoppers"), 2x.

The rest of the homepage consists of fixed elements (header, brand slider, footer). Go directly to settings

Homepage text

This homepage text is of course important for visitors to be informed on what the webshop is about and what to expect. The same is true for search engines; that's why it is of major importance to compose this text thoroughly. Make sure the most relevant "keywords" are used and that the text is build up logically in headings and subheadings. Also take note that the main homepage headings gets a H1-tag (in HTML, can be set in the back office text editor); this H1-tag should be best used only once. Therefore avoid using the H1 tag for other (sub)headings, but use an H2 or H3-heading instead there. The subheadings H2 etc. can also be set in the "text editor" (WYSIWYG-editor) under the section "text pages" in the backoffice.

The title that you enter (per language) as title for the homepage text will automatically be designated as the "page title".

TIP: Try to keep the homepage text both compact as clear; don't write as much for search engines, write for your visitors! (and Google will follow)

Setting the position for the homepage text

The homepage text position can be set as follows:

  • directly under the headlines (option: "Middle..")
  • under the bottom product blocks, just above the brand slider (option: "Bottom, underneath ...")
03a homepagelayoutPosition setting for the homepage text