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"Berlin" is optimised as much as possible for searchengines (SEO) by the following features:

In addition to these built-in techniques you can make sure a get a good score on SEO by appropriate use of good and unique product descriptions, relevant information with headers and paragraphs and collecting reviews.

The use of H-tags ("headings")

H-tags are built in the theme on fixed locations, so search engines can get important information. For instance, on the product detailpage, the standard H1-tag is always the product title.

If you write the content yourself (what we advice as relevant but also unique content is valued by e.g. Google and customers), try to use the H-tags as logic as possible. H1 is the most imprtant one. H6 is the least important. Also the h1-tag can always be only used once per page. Other tags (like h2, h3, ...) can be used more often. 

Make sure the most important keywords are in your headings, and divide the H-tags at relevance. 

More about "rich snippets" (Google and Pinterest)

Google as well as Pinterest offer the possiblity to add extra product information, the so called Rich Snippets or Rich Pins. Google uses the Rich Snippets to show extra productinformation, like stock, appreciation etc. 

"Structured data markup is a standard way to annotate your content so machines can understand it. When your web pages include structured data markup, Google (and other search engines) can use that data to index your content better, present it more prominently in search results, and surface it in new experiences like voice answers, maps, and Google Now." 
(source: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/99170?hl=nl)

Pinterest Rich Pins make it easier for Pinterest-users to buy your products. There will be added extra information to the product pins like the name of your shop, the real-time price and status of the stock, productpicture, title and a direct link to your product. That way your products become more relevant.

Activate Pinterest "rich pins"

  • activate Pinterest in the Lightspeed eCom backoffice (Settings > Social media > Pinterest)
  • make sure you are loggin-in at pinterest with an account that is the same as your webshop with own domain.
  • go to http://developers.pinterest.com/rich_pins/validator/
  • place a link to one of your products and click ‘Validate’
  • you automatically get a message from Pinterest, this can take a couple of days
  • after your application is approved the pins of your products will be enriched with extra productinformation.
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In the back-office of Lightspeed eCom you can configure which social media functions you want to use.

On request, we can support you with configuring the rich snippets. Please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.