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Social media integration

The social media services are built in as follows:

  1. as links (icons) to your general social media profile pages (on top of the footer, on all pages) directly to adjustment
  2. as a widget for facebook (like box) and twitter (in the footer, on all pages)  directly to adjustment
  3. as a tab on the product  "tab" on the product detail page; in this tab people can share a the product through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.
  4. as customer feedback on the blog-pages; visitors can like, share or tweet the artcile through  the socialmedia channels. 

Social Media profile pages

As soon as you filled in the links to the social media profile pages in the backoffice, the icons  are shown in the footer (see the screenshot below).

social media icons

Backoffice settings for links to the social media profile pages:

04d social media urls
Here you can enter the URL for your social media profile page(s). If you leave it empty, this icon will stay hidden.

In case you leave an inputfield empty, the respected icon will not be shown. You can adjust the size and color of the social media icons yourself. 

Social media widgets (boxes)

You can show Facebook and / or Twitter boxes in the footer. The widgets appear in columns, optionally together with the Webwinkelkeur or Kiyoh widget.

04 fe footer socialmedia widgets

Settings for the Facebook widget:

In order to visually integrate the widgets in your theme, u can adjust the widgets at own will (Twitter offers more options then facebook).

04e fb settingsDe backoffice instellingen voor de Facebook widget.

Settings for the Twitter widget:

04g twitter settingsThe backoffice settings for the Twitter widget.

Sharing a product on the product detail page

Sharing a specific product is possible on the product detail page: Here the visitor of your store can share can share the cureent product through the tab "share". This option is made invisible on purpose so the visitor is not distracted from the purchase proces, which can lead to lower conversion rate; eventually you want customers to first finalize the purchase before sharing the product with others. 

social media share optionsOn the product detail page the feature to share a product is build in as "tab". This way, sharing it doesn't distract from actually ordering a product.

Sharing a blog post through social media

On the blogpage archive, a blogpost can be shared as well. The Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons are built in as standard.  

blogpost articleOn the blog page visitors can share their experience with others.