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Third party integration


YOTPO, a review service, has been integrated into thema "Berlin" since the 27-08-2015 theme update. This means that you can use this reviewing service to collect customer reviews that can be shown on your webshop. All the products that received such a YOTPO rating will be marked with stars (maximum 5 stars) on the product overview pages (Homepage, Category pages and Collection pages), and also on the product detail page itself, where the average customer rating is displayed at the top right, near the product title, and further down below the detail page where visitors can read the reviews in question at the tab "Reviews".

Note: As soon as you enter the YOTPO API key, the default Lightspeed eCom reviews will be automatically replaced with the YOTPO review system.

We advise you to configure your webshop to have the "Reviews" tab as default opened tab, so visitors can see immediately that a product has reviews. You'll find this setting under 05a. PRODUCT DETAIL PAGE: Settings, item "Default Opened Tab Panel", choose "Reviews" there.

05a default opened tab

Back office settings YOTPO

See 01c. GENERAL integrations:

01c yotpo apikey
Under section "1c. GENERAL integrations" you enter your YOTPO API key to activate these reviews.

As soon as you've entered the  YOTPO API key that you received from YOTPO, the YOTPO reviews will be displayed on your webshop page (instead of the default Lightspeed review system).

yotpo fe rating
yotpo fe rating pdp
yotpo fe rating pdp reviews

Note: Settings for YOTPO colors etc. can only be configured through your YOTPO account, this is not possible via the "Berlin" theme settings.