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Extra options

The main extra functions and options that are build in by default are:

  1. Use of "sale" product label (as text, or as custom sale-icon) directly to setting
  2. Add product labels "Actions", "Exclusive" and "New" (making multi-language by using the "Custom template data"-fields) directly to setting
  3. Add product videos (using "custom template data"-fields) directly to setting

General: activating "Custom template data"-fields

Via the back office option "Custom template data" you can add extra functionality to this theme. These custom template data must be filled in per separate product. This way in "Berlin" it's possible to:

  • add YouTube product videos to the product detail page
  • show extra product labels on the product overview pages and product detail pages

To use these extra features, first you need to activate the use of custom template data option, as follows:

  1. (log into the back office)
  2. Go to "Settings", and under "Shop settings", click on "Workflow" (last item);
    bo shopsettings workflow
  3. Click the swicth button to activate "Custom template data".

Now you're all set to use these features. 

shopsettings workflow extratemplatedata

1. SALE label

The "Sale" label is automatically assigned to a product as soon as a product has a discount price, so as soon as there is a new and an old product price. How the "Sale" label looks like, is your choice:

  • as text label, so as the word "sale" (this word will be translated automatically into all the languages your shop is using);
  • as graphic, with your own custom sale icon image. You can upload this image through the back office at Design > Settings. If you want this icon to be crisp also for "retina"  displays, then you can upload a second "retina'-ready" sale icon (the pixel dimension of this image needs to be twice the size of the regular sale icon. Note: this sale icon image will then be used for all languages.
    05a sale icon

2. Add labels Action/New/Exclusive to products

fe custom labelsThe extra product labels that can be shown on the product overview pages and product detail pages that can be made multi-language by using custom translation keys.

First make sure the "Custom template data" option is activated (see above: General: activating "Custom template data"-fields). Now you're ready to make the text labels "Action", "New" and/or "Exclusive". This goes as follows, via the 1st "custom template data" field:

  1. Go in the backoffice under "Catalog" to "Products"
  2. Look up the product in question
  3. Click on the tab "General" and scroll all the way down, and fill in the first custom template data field for this label:
    1. for label "ACTION": fill in text "Action" (note the Uppercase!)
    2. for label "NEW": fill in text "New" (note the Uppercase!)
    3. for label "EXCLUSIVE": fill in text "Exclusive" (note the Uppercase!)

Translate labels

To make these label texts multilingual (in all the languages your webshop is offering), you must enter these translations yourself. This you can do under Design > Custom translations. (See this page for more information on how to add custom translations).

  1. Go in back office to Design > Custom translations
  2. Click on top on the green plus-icon
  3. Under heading "Add item" you enter the translation key, for example "Action" for the "action" label; please note thatv this key name should match exactly with the key name that we used in our code, and that they're all in English.
  4. Hit "Save"; in the next window you enter the subsequent translations for this key (per language, dependant on the number of languages your show is set up for).
  5. Repeat this (if you want) for the label "Exclusive".
Note: Label "New" is build in by default, you don't need to set up your own translation key for this, as it will alredy be translated automatically.

3. Add product video to product detail page (only YouTube videos)

  1. Go in back office under "Catalog" to "Products";
  2. Look in the list for the product;
  3. Click on the tab "General" and scroll all the way to the bottom;
  4. Enter under "Custom template data", at "data 03", the unique YouTube ID for the product video; for example: "1HCh1AOWEWs". So if the address bar of this YouTube film is "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HCh1AOWEWs", then this last part is the unique video ID that you must enter into the 3rd data field (this ID consists of 11 numbers and letters);
  5. Hit "Save and Continue".

The video will then be shown on the product detail page, right below the product thumbnails.

youtube video id url
Copy the YouTube ID (11 numbers/letters) from the address bar to the Lightspeed eCom back office.
custom template data
 Enter the YouTube ID  into the 3rd "custom template data" field to show a product video.
productpage video