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The required measurements for the (product)images are as following:

  • Headlines: for "full-width" headline images please upload a minimum of 1160px width; the height van vary; our advice is to use a height size of 250 to 700px (max). In case the headline banners are activated, the main headline image (left) should measure at least 777 x 442 px; the pixel dimensions for the "headline banners" (right side of the main headlines on the left): at least 375 x 216px.
  • Product images: on the product detail page an image is shown of 490 x 490 pixels (square); please upload images of at least 490 pixels height. In case you use the "zoom"-option then product images should be bigger than that to be able to zoom in; our advise is to upload images of 1000 px height and/or width for the best "product experience". If an image is not square, this image will be shown within a square of 490 pixels, the rest of the space will be expanded with white automatically.
  • Category images: these images are automatically scaled (for responsive purposes) to other pixel dimensions; for optimal viewing a width of at least 380 pixels is required. On the homepage they will be shown as a 270px image width and height; the rest of the space is filled with white automatically. If you want full-responsive category images, then please use category images of 727px width. Please take notice to keep the file size to a minimum for optimal user experience (and Google optimisation).  
  • Sidebar bannerat least 264px (square); the rest of the space is filled with white automatically.
  • Main banners (only homepage): at least 532 pixels width. Bigger pixel dimensions are automatically scaled back.
  • Brand logos: for the brand slider (footer) an image pixel dimension of 240px width is required; heigth is free to choose, we advise you to use 180 pixels for the heigth, and to center the logos vertically within this plane (of 240 x 180px). For the page "Brands" the brand logo images are automatically scaled to different pixel dimensions (for responsiveness).
  • Hallmark logos: height is maximum 60 pixels, width is free to choose.

Note: For the zoom function to work correctly, the product image should be (substantially) bigger than 490 pixels width and height.