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Footer information

The footer contains several blocks of content that can be edited. Theme settings: see 09. Footer

Contact person info

The first column is meant for contact person's information. This column can be hided as well (via theme settings), then the other columns will span the whole row width. 

  • enter the heading title "How to reach us", via Translations
  • upload a picture of the contact person, manager or other person to handle customer services
  • enter the name for this person, via theme settings
  • enter the function, via Translations. "Function" will only show if the contact person's name is entered.

Function: to edit this piece of content, use Translations (so this job nam ecan be used multi-llingual in the Lightspeed eCom system):

Translation keys needed here:
  1. How to reach us
  2. Function

Go to Content > Translations and add a new custom "translation  key there, to be filled with your own translation for this content in all subsequent langauges your shop has.