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Homepage block: Hero image

Homepage block "Hero image"

This block displays a big "hero" image that is seta s a background-image, to fill the whole block, plus the main H1 heading for your webshop as hero title and a hero paragraph (maximum 256 characters). If desired, you can add a call-to-action "Read more"-button to navigate to a certain product page, category page or other URL that you widh, to be set via the core "Navigation" Lightspeed-feature. No need for a button? If you don't set a link to navigate to, the "read more"-button doesn't show up. In this way, you get maximum flexibility to choose where to link to, and it works and can be translated into all the languages your shop features. 

Hero image

The hero image can be set via theme settings. See section Hero.  

Hero title and paragraph

Set these via Translations, see Content > Translations. Translation keys are:

  • Hero title
  • Hero paragraph

Important: this block contains the H1 heading for the home page, please make sure to give it a compelling, meaningfull heading text (both for visitors and search engines).

Theme settings for this block

All related settings for hero image, text alignment, fonts colors, overlay color etc. can be found under section Hero.

Vertical offset: to set your text at the top of the hero-block, enter for offset: -50.