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Pricing info

There are several options to display the product price.

  • show currency as symbol (€) or as code (EUR)
  • location of currency: before, after, none
  • compact price tag: show price as "99,-" instead of "99,00" - if the price ends with ,00, then this is replaced with ,-
 Price colors

See theme settings:

  • Price color (text color)
  • Old price color
Sale label

If a product has an old price attached to it, and theme setting "Mark "sale" items" is activated, then a "Sale" label is displayed.

See thmem setting: "99B. LABELS: SALE ITEMS"

Discount pricing

Every product item can show a discount-precentage (like -15%) next to the "Sale" label. See theme setting, section "PRODUCT PRICE" to activate. This percentage label colors can be set at section "99A. LABELS".