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This theme has several options for building the menu structure.

Primary (main) navigation menu

this is build up from the following elements:

  • button "home" (if activated through theme settings)
  • choose: categories menu (if activated through theme settings); this is the default navigation menu build up with product categories as defined in the back-office; or, alternatively, if de-activated, a custom menu  (if filled with items, see Design > Navigation). This menu must be named exactly this: "custom menu" in the Navigation section.
  • default, or "main" navigation (if filled with items, see Design > Navigation)
  • button "brands" (if activated through theme settings, and if brandnames are entered )
  • button "blog" (if activated through theme settings)


This menu (also called "features") renders a list of maximum 4 features, as a layout content block on the homepage, that can be linked to specific webshop pages. Thre's 2 versons possible: the "compact" version shows the features in a row and shows only feature title, no subtitles; if disabled, it will show features in a grid form, on smaller devies stacked on top.

Be sure to include this layout block in the homepage theme settings. 

How to use?

  • If you activate "compact version", it will show only the basic feature text (see above)  
  • Add links (features) to the menu for the feature text to be shown.
  • The icons can be set via theme settings, including the feature icon color and size.
  • Background color and transparency can be set via theme settings

In compact mode and on smaller devices, no text will be shown, just the icons. Be sure, in this case, to link the features to subsequent pages to offer more information.

Product reviews frontpage menu:

This is a custom theme feature, meant to manage which product reviews to shop, in what order, on the front page.

How to use this reviews menu?

  • "Title": only meant for webshop management, will not show on the shop
  • "Type", select a product (as link destination)
  • "Open in new window": set it to "no" to avoid opening a new window.

Change the order by dragging the items (with the "3-stripes-icon") to any desired place.