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Install theme "Berlin"

CHOOSE: (Dashboard) Design > Theme store (to pick and install a theme)

00 theme store choosetheme

After you selected the "Berlin" theme through the Lightspeed eCom backoffice in the Theme Store, the theme will be installed on your webshop. In order to activate the theme you will be asked throught a pop-up screen if you wish to confirm this change. Once you've done that you van configure the theme through menu (Dashboard) > Design > Theme editor > Customize theme.

00 theme store
In the Lightspeed eCom backoffice you can choose which theme to install.

After you've chosen the theme, you still need to confirm the risks of losing the settings of your previous theme. Click to confirm to install the "Berlin" theme. 

00 theme install confirm
Through this window you're asked to confirm to install a new theme.

The new theme will be copied to your webshop and is now installed. You are ready to adjust the settings to your liking.

CHOOSE: (Dashboard) Design > Theme editor > Customize theme

00 customise theme settings
After installing the theme you can customize the default settings via Theme editor > Customise theme.

From this section on you can find all of the theme settings that are built into our theme.

Scroll down until you reach the first chapter: 01A: GENERAL: Look & feel - background. This is where the theme settings start.

00 theme store themesettings

See the rest of this documentation website to find out more about all of the theme settings.