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"Berlin" has several options to place banners:

  • on the homepage, in the header, as "headline banners" (2x);
  • on the homepage, as "main banners" (2x), halfway the web page, in between product blocks;
  • as sidebar banner (on all pages that have a sidebar column - if set -, so on product overview pages and product detail pages). directly to sidebar settings

More on setting up the "headline banners" you'll find on this page "headlines" (these banners are being entered as so-called "headline", and are fully multi-language (both headline images as well as headline captions); the "main banners" can be maintained separately through the back office settings, and only the banner captions can be made multi-language through a way-around, with "custom translations" for all set up languages in your webshop; the banner images themselves cannot be specified per language, alas. The sidebar banner is also not multilingual.

"Main banners" (homepage)

These are shown on the homepage, between the product blocks (sliders). Upload these images via the back office.

Pixel dimension "main banners" (homepage): 532 pixels (width).
For best results, upload only images that are this pixel size (width) or bigger (bigger pixel sizes will be scaled back automatically).
NOTE: If you want them to be full width even on devices smaller than 768 pixels, you can use 727px as the width size.

fe mainbanners
The two "main banners" on the homepage.

The settings for this you'll find in the section 03c Pagetype: HOME PAGE: Banners. Here you can hide the banners, upload the images and link them to a page:

03c main bannersBack office setings for the "main banners" with the possibility to add links for 4 languages (NL/DU/EN/FR) to the banners.

If you wish (and this we would advice you to do) you can link the banners to a specific page, so they become clickable (and add to the interactivity and conversion). Note that this is limited to 4 pre-set anguages: Dutch, German, English and French. For these 4 languages you can enter links to the pages of your choice. To do so, copy the last part of the webaddress (url) of the page you want to link to from the webbrowser, and paste it into the field for that banner. You can link to a category page or any other product page or text page you want.

If you wish to make this main banner linking available for other languages (except NL/DU/EN/FR), we can customize this with a small adjustment; please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we'll be happy to advise you, free of costs.

We regret to say that at this point it is not yet possible in Lightspeed eCom to use language-specific banner images (as is possible for the regular "headlines"). You can upload 1 image for all languages; that is mainly why we chose to make it possible to make the "banner captions" (the text that shows on top of tha banner image) multilingual by using the customtranslation keys that Lightspeed eCom offers. To use them, please refer to the page custom translations. There you'll find information on how to make your own custom translation keys and use them to translate these "main banner"-captions.

Sidebar banner

The "sidebar banner" can be shown in the sidebar column (left or right, dependant on your settings) on the product overview pages and the  product detail page. This banner cannot be made multilingual, and has no "caption text" option.

Pixel dimension "main banners" (homepage): 264 pixels (width).
For best results, upload only images that are this pixel size (width) or bigger (bigger pixel sizes will be scaled back automatically).

fe sidebarbannerThe "sidebar banner" at the bottom of the sidebar.

The settings for the sidebar banner, including the input field for the sidebar banner image and link (see section 07a. SIDEBAR: Settings):

07a bo sidebarbanner settings