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Homepage lay-out sections

Setting the homepage layout order

You can (samenstellen) your own layout order for the homepage. Theres' 2 fixed blocks that are being shown at the top of the homepage, of which you cannoot set the order, and at the bottom there is also 1 fixed section called "Homepage text" ; in between, the homepage builds up in the order that is set via the theme setting.

Apart from the layout order, you can also change the visibility of most homepage sections. See 05. LAYOUT BLOCKS (HOME PAGE).

The layout blocks, including the fixed sections which layout order cannot be set:

  1. Section "Main product" (this is the first set "featured product"), fixed; this section is always displayed;
  2. Section "Primary headline" (this is the first set "headline image"), fixed, but can be hidden;
  3. After this the chosen sections (max. 12) are displayed in the chosen order.  Choose from sections: headlinesgrid, bgvideo, newest, popular, featuredproducts, categories, hero, video, features, testimonials, reviews, blogs
  4. Section "Homepage Text", fixed; this displayes an image on the left and the homepage text on the right. It is important

Next comes the footer.

See theme setting "05. LAYOUT BLOCKS (HOME PAGE)". 

Section Video

This section is meant to show a product video from Youtube or from an other external video platform. It can be a video of the main featured productIf you want to show a Youtube video, you 

Youtube video

For Youtube video, please enter only the 11-char video ID, e.g. "jnLSYfObARA".

Vimeo video


Theme settings:

  • autoplay: if activated, this will also mute the video, due to Google's decision (April 2018) to give greater control of playback to users. If you want to mute the video, then activate autoplay.
  • aspect ratio

Section Background Video

This section features a local or externally hosted video from Youtube, Vimeo or other source which plays in the background. On top of this video layer you can show:

  • a primary buy button that is connected with the first (main) featured product for the homepage that you can set via "Products homepage". If no button is displayed, this section acts as a regular video showcase.  
  • a video main title and subtitle; these can be entered as Translation key (so it can be used multilingual), see Content > Translations, key name "Background Video Title" and "Background Video Subtitle". 

Section Video


Please note: For all Homepage Sections, make sure that Theme setting for this section is checked to actually display this section on your homepage